[Influence of considerable athletic training on the foot condition of young athletes at a boarding school with a cross-section of sports]

The present day sport inevitably causes enormous physical loading on the locomotor system of the sportsman, and in particular on his foot. To obtain best results in any sport is closely connected with participation of children in systematic purposive training, therefore a necessity arises to study the influence of different time-limited loadings on the locomotor system–foot of young sportsmen. The work represents the data on changes of different parameters of the foot under time-limited loading for 18-30 h per week of the children attending a boarding-school of sporting type, which is a new type of going in for sports for children and teen-agers. We have stated that at the age of 10-11 years some undesirable changes in the longitudinal foot vault (its flattening) are observed, especially in children going in for skiing or gymnastics. Inclusion in training lessons special exercises contributing to fixation of the foot muscular ligamentous system prevents it, to a great extent from overloading and undesirable anatomical disturbances.

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