Innovative Closure Systems for People Who Have Difficulty Tying Laces

Most people don’t think twice about the method they use for securing their shoes on their feet, but for people with health issues that affect their feet, this is an important consideration. A good closure system is vital to protecting the foot, to securing the shoe, to providing a comfortable fit, and even to ensuring proper functioning of the shoe.

On the other hand, the lack of a good closure system can make therapeutic shoes ineffective and can even have adverse consequences for the wearer. Orthofeet knows this problem well and has developed two ideal solutions for it: a) our innovative, Tie-Less Lacing System and b) our Two-Way Strap System.

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With the Orthofeet Tie-Less Lace System there is no need to tie the laces. Instead, Orthofeet’s tie-less lacing system combines laces and straps on both sides of the shoe that can be fastened and unfastened without even having to tie them. This system keeps the shoe securely in place and is perfect for people who might experience difficulty tying their shoes. For a demonstration, feel free to view this short video on our innovative system.

Innovative Closure Systems for People Who Have Difficulty Tying Laces

Our two-way strap system lets you fasten your shoe on both sides using a hook and loop (Velcro) strap that extends along both sides of the shoe. This system makes it possible to easily fasten and unfasten the shoes on the medial side (inner side) of the shoe, as many users have difficulty reaching the lateral side (outer side) of the shoes. This system also makes it possible to adjust the length of the strap, which cannot be done with a regular strap system.

Innovative Closure Systems for People Who Have Difficulty Tying Laces

Proper foot care and footwear cannot be overemphasized especially for people with sensitive feet and other mobility issues.

Make sure you find the right shoe with the right closure system for you and other innovative footwear features.

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