Insoles for Kids
Insoles For Kids

As parents, we are instinctively aware of our children’s needs.  When it comes to the proper development of a foot arch as a toddler, support for our bustling youth on the athletic fields, or even our teen whom is transitioning into adulthood, we want what is best in footcare for our kids. Yet the hardest part is actually educating ourselves and finding the best insoles for kids. Personally, with my children active in both soccer & baseball, I have witnessed children coping with foot pain from sever’s disease to strained heels & arches.

At The Insole,  we have compiled the Best Insoles For Kids from among the best insole manufacturers as recognized by podiatrists and pediatricians. Whether you are seeking a cushioned insole, orthotic arch support, or specialty insole for sports or everyday wear, we have assembled the best selection from brands such as Arch Angels, Birkenstock, KidZerts, Pedag Leather Inserts, Powerstep Orthotics, Spenco, and Superfeet Insoles.

Cushioned Insoles

For those seeking additional comfort with a cushioned insole, the Spenco Polysorb Kids Premium Insoles are the superior choice for cushioning comfort, featuring a full-length memory foam body. If you are seeking a slimmer cushioned insole, the KidZerts Children’s Arch Support Insoles are a great cushioned insole with arch support for tighter-fitting casual, dress, and athletic shoes. KidZerts insoles come in both 3/4-length & full-length varieties that will assist with providing arch support and heel cushioning for everyday life and sports such as soccer, baseball, basketball, and more (great for cleated shoes).

Orthotic Arch Supports

Now, most children are flat-footed until their foot develops its unique foot arch (usually around ages 6 to 8). Most often our kids’ crankiness, leg pain complaints, and even unevenness when walking (tripping) can be associated with a flat foot that doesn’t provide adequate stability and shock absorption. The most recognized orthotic arch supports (which also have some cushioning comfort) for toddlers and kids ages 6-8 are the Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles & the Powerstep Powerkids Pediatric Orthotics. These are great, as they come in sizes as small as a toddler’s 6-8 all the way up to a youth’s 4-5 for athletic, casual, & dress footwear. For those that would like insoles featuring the finest German engineering and a leather top-coat, the Pedag Bambini Leather Inserts are a great choice and are popular for use in casual and dress shoes.

Options to Last Through Adulthood

The problem with many children’s insoles is that Your Sole Insole will not carry them all the way into adulthood. If you’re seeking insoles for kids that come in sizes all the way through adulthood, the Superfeet Premium Insoles are a popular orthotic arch support. The Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles (ideal for low-to-medium arched feet) come in as small as a junior’s size 11.5 and as large as a men’s size 15.  The Superfeet Green Premium Insoles are made for a high-arched foot and range from a junior’s size 13.5 all the way up to a men’s size 17.

Specialty Insoles

Insoles for Kids
Insoles for Kids

If you’re seeking a specialty insole for specific activities, there are options for those, too. For hockey, ice skating, roller skating, and in-line skating, the most popular insole option would be the Superfeet Yellow Premium Insoles. The Superfeet Yellow Insoles are also a popular insole for cowboy boots, cycling, and cleated shoes (such as for running, football, and soccer).   For the daughter that insists on high-heels, check out the Superfeet Delux High Heel 3/4-Length Inserts. For warmth and arch support, a wool insole such as the Superfeet Merino Grey Premium Insoles would be the best option. If you are seeking an orthotic insole for kids who are flat-footed and around ages of 8 to 18, check out the Superfeet Black Premium Insoles.

There are many choices of insoles for kids out there on the market. We at have assembled a complete insole line-up in order to provide an option for every need. Come check out the best Insoles for Kids at The Insole today!

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