Intra- and Inter-Examiner Reliability of the Viladot Method in Children

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the interexaminer and intraexaminer reliability of classification with the Viladot method of plantar impression obtained by means of a footprinting mat.

Methods: Footprints were taken from 40 participants using a footprinting mat. The images were subjected to analysis by 3 independent examiners. To investigate intraexaminer reliability, the analysis was repeated by 1 of the examiners 1 week later.

Results: Excellent intraexaminer reliability was found (κ = 1.0; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.77-1.0; P < .00). For interexaminer reliability, in the right foot high concordance was found for typical feet (κp = 0.76; 95% CI, 0.58-0.93; P < .00) and excellent concordance for cavus feet and flat feet (respectively: κp = 0.86; 95% CI, 0.68-1.0; P < .00; and κp = 0.81; 95% CI, = 0.63-0.99; P < .00). In the left foot high concordance was observed between the 3 evaluators for typical feet and cavus feet (respectively: κp = 0.75; 95% CI, 0.57-0.93; P < .00; and κp = 0.69; 95% CI, 0.51-0.87; P < .00) and excellent concordance for flat feetp = 1.0; 95% CI, 0.82-1.0; P < .00).

Conclusion: The Viladot method is reliable for analyses involving 1 or more examiners, presenting excellent intraexaminer reliability and high to excellent interexaminer reliability. The Viladot method is a reliable (replicable and consistent) instrument, that is, its repeated application to the same subject produces similar results.

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