Keeping It Classy With Carnegie Leather Slip On Shoes

Read this inspiring #OrthoFeetStory from a customer who wished to remain anonymous:

Keeping It Classy With Carnegie Leather Slip On Shoes“I suffer from peripheral neuropathy and muscle damage causing pain, weakness and unstable balance in both legs. Tying shoelaces has become very difficult, so I wear velcro strap shoes instead. That way I can adjust the straps as the swelling in my feet changes, but it is even painful for me to cross over to the far side of each shoe to strap and unstrap them.

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I ordered the sporty/dressy Carnegie shoe because of the option to strap and unstrap from the near side of each foot. I would not have bought the shoes without the return guarantee, but there is NO way you can have these shoes back because these are the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever had! What a relief! They fit perfectly, improve my balance and relieve my pain! Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering more shoes from you in the future!”

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Keeping It Classy With Carnegie Leather Slip On Shoes

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