Knee rotation associated with dynamic knee valgus and toe direction

Background: Dynamic knee valgus contributes to injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). However, it is unclear how the knee rotates during dynamic knee valgus. Knee rotation significantly affects ACL strain. To understand knee rotation during dynamic knee valgus should help the clinician evaluate dynamic alignment. The purpose of this study was to determine how the knee rotates during dynamic knee valgus and whether the knee rotation is affected by toe direction (foot rotation).

Methods: Sixteen females performed dynamic knee valgus in three toe directions (neutral, toe-out, and toe-in) while maintaining the knee flexion angle at 30°. The knee rotation angle was evaluated using a 7-camera motion analysis system. Knee rotation was compared between the start position and the dynamic knee valgus position, as well as among the three toe directions, using repeated measures ANOVA models.

Results: The knee significantly rotated externally in the dynamic knee valgus position compared with the start position in two toe directions (neutral and toe-out). A similar tendency was observed with the toe-in condition. Toe direction significantly affected the knee rotation angle. For toe-out and toe-in conditions, external and internal shifts of knee rotation compared with neutral were observed.

Conclusions: The knee rotates externally during dynamic knee valgus, and the knee rotation is affected by toe direction.

Clinical relevance: Because of knee abduction and external rotation, the ACL may impinge on the femoral condyle in the case of dynamic valgus, especially in the toe-out position.

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