When we hear the word latex, many thoughts may come to mind. It is an incredibly versatile, widely used material in manufacturing. Latex rubber is a naturally occurring substance found in nature in about 10% of all flowering plants. A synthetic version can also be achieved in a lab. Unfortunately, latex allergies are extremely common. An allergy may develop from repeated exposure to latex products and certain individuals are more susceptible to an immune response from latex antibodies. Latex allergies can range from irritant contact dermatitis (dry, itchy, irritated skin) to allergic contact dermatitis (blistered, oozing rash) to anaphylactic shock, possibly resulting in death. The following populations are at greatest risk for developing an allergy to latex rubber: children with spina bifida, industrial rubber workers, health care providers, and people who have undergone multiple surgical procedures.

While there are certainly many shoe insoles, arch supports, orthotic sandals, and footwear on the market utilizing the benefits of latex, it is not a necessary ingredient for a high-quality product.

TheInsoleStore.com and our manufacturers recognize that many of our clients would prefer and/or require a product without latex.  And if there is ever a question, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service department for the latest product information.

We are proud to offer the following latex-free insoles, orthotic sandals & footwear:

  • Superfeet: All insoles and footwear
  • 10 Seconds: All insoles
  • Chaco: The Z/1 and Z/2 line of sandals
  • OluKai: All sandals
  • Powerstep: Insoles and pads, recovery socks, and compression sleeves
  • Currex: All Insoles
  • SOLE Footbeds: All Active, Casual Thin, and Softec Casual
  • Pedag: Lady Gel Insoles, High Life, Feel Good Metatarsal Pads, Soft Flip Gel Cushions for Sandals, Ultra Heel Cups, Keep Warm Insoles, Pascha Wool Insoles. Pedag products containing latex are made with synthetic latex, which is less of/not an issue for some consumers with allergies.
  • Vionic with Orthaheel: All footwear with the exception of the Wave, Ryder, and Tide which are created with synthetic latex
  • Sof Sole: FIT insoles, gel insoles, and orthotic arch supports
  • OOFOS: All sandals
  • Clearly Adjustable: Heel Lifts
  • Prothotics: All arthritic and diabetic insoles
  • Arch Angels: Children’s Comfort Insoles
  • KidZerts: Children’s Insoles

Disclaimer: Always check with your dermatologist or healthcare provider before trying new products. If you suspect you may have a latex allergy but you are unsure, your healthcare provider can administer a simple test. We are not liable for allergic reactions caused by our products or their materials.

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