Mallet Toe Exercises

Wednesday, 4 November 2015  |  John

Mallet toe is a deformation of one of the smaller toes, and is when the joint at the end of a toe can’t straighten. It can be caused by a variety of things, including arthritis, an injury to the affected toe and even badly fitting shoes. 

In some cases, because of the rubbing against the inside of a shoe it can cause, mallet toe can be quite painful and uncomfortable to live with. However, there are some exercises you can do to help with the condition. Be sure to consult with your doctor before attempting any of these exercises so you know they’re right for you.

Mallet Toe Exercises

The Toe Stretch

Stretching your toe helps to make the joint more flexible, which can help relieve the symptoms of the condition and make mallet toe easier to live with. 

  1. Gently hold the affected toe in your dominant hand
  2. Stretch the toe in the opposite direction to which it is bent
  3. Do this one joint at a time until you can feel a slow, gentle pull

Do this several times in the morning and several times at night, or however often your doctor recommends

The Towel Exercise

This exercise helps increase the strength of the affected toe, as well as stretching it. This helps to work the mallet toe and make it more flexible. It’s also incredibly easy to do.

  1. Place a towel flat on the floor
  2. Using all the toes of the affected foot, crumple the towel up
  3. Repeat as many times as directed by a doctor

The Marble Exercise

This is very similar to the towel exercise, except it uses marbles and requires more dexterity and control of your toes, which makes it great for improving the flexibility of your affected toe.

  1. Place one or more marbles on the floor
  2. Using the toes of your affected foot, pick them up
  3. Repeat as many times as directed by a doctor

What Else Can I Do To Help Mallet Toe?

One of the best things you can do to help your mallet toe is to wear a shoe insole designed to help with the condition. These insoles help relieve the pressure the bent toe can cause, reducing the pain and discomfort by redistributing its pressure around your foot more evenly.

Another way shoe insoles can help with mallet toe is by giving your shoes a better fit. Because one of the main causes of mallet toe is poorly fitting shoes, replacing the sock lining of your shoes with a shoe insole for mallet toe can help improve your foot’s fit, increasing support and making you feel more comfortable in your shoes.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some shoe insoles for mallet toe, head on over to Shoe Insoles and check out our range of Insoles for Mallet Toe.

Mallet Toe Exercises

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Mallet Toe Exercises

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