My Son Loves the Spenco Kids Total Support Insoles!

“My son has been complaining for a while that his feet and legs are always hurting.  Got a script for pes planus but not covered by insurance and would be $400-500, just to find out if they would help.  With the way his feet grow figured try a cheaper alternative to see if that would give him any relief.  When he put the Spenco Kids Total Support insoles on he said they felt “weird” but I told him try them out to see if you can get used to them.  He came home from school and said how good his legs feel.  He got a new pair of shoes and immediately asked if we could put the orthotics in the newer shoes because they felt so much better.  He has been wearing them for a month and still says they make his legs feel better. “

Happy we tried them out.


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