New IDEASTEP Run features now live!

Jun 15, 2021

New IDEASTEP Run features now live!

Our latest app release is here. Update now to enjoy NEW Footstrike Coach, GPS improvements, Workout listings and more.

Footstrike Coach
Designed for Indoor and Outdoor runs, Footstrike workouts are real-time, coached workouts with increasingly challenging levels unlocked as you progress.

Footstrike Coach lets you adapt your Footstrike and hone your running form, to benefit your running and reduce injury risk.

Explore The Full Coaching Experience

Workout Listings

Tap on a Workout in the Run Hub and it’ll list all your previous Workouts of that type, so it’s even easier to monitor your Pace Coach and Footstrike Workout progress.

GPS improvements

We now have even faster GPS acquisition – because nothing should stand between you and your run!

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IDEASTEP Run gives you unique insights and live coaching so you can run smarter

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