Even the name ‘OOFOS’ sounds like fun, and when you’re outside in the summertime at the beach, at a festival, on a date, or sightseeing, you want to be having fun.

But, there’s nothing funny about OOFOS sandals themselves. The designers call them OOFOS because of the special type of foam called Oofoam used in them that impacts the way your foot absorbs shock from walking. With OOFOS foam in the sandal, your foot can absorb 37% more impact – without fatiguing. This makes it the perfect sandal to wear after any hard, athletic workouts.

There’s another reason why OOFOS Sandals are excellent for preventing foot muscle fatigue after working out. These sandals have solid support for your entire foot. The comfortable cushioning also keeps your foot bones aligned exactly as they should. You don’t have to give up the idea of going out dancing all night long even after you’ve spent the whole day at the beach.

When you take a look at any one of the sandals in the line, you can’t help but see the arch support and heel cup. They just have an air of comfort to them. Of course, once you slip your feet into them, you’ll find it’s true for the whole line of OOFOS sandals, slides and clogs.

Personality Related to the Type of Sandals You Choose?

By the way, just for a fun diversion here, did you know there are different personalities associated with different types of shoes and sandals? Author of the book, ‘The Perfect Fit. What Your Shoes Say About You’, Meghan Cleary, reports that those who wear clogs are extremely hard-working, mellow during chaos, and never giddy or too easily excitable.

The women who wear the classic leather sandal have a natural rhythm they have discovered in life and nothing seems to daunt them. Those who wear orthopedic sandals see life differently. Instead of barren trees, they see beauty – and thus are calming to be around.

And those who love flip-flops are full of vitality for life at home and on the water, and prefer small gatherings rather than large festivities.

It’s great to hear about personality and sandals but isn’t it possible that there’s a little of every one of those above-mentioned personalities in you? If so, you may need one of each of the different types for your wardrobe.

OOFOS Sandals are Easy to Take Care Of

When you do get back from the beach and your clothes are a bit sandy, throw the OOFOS sandals into the washing machine, too. They’re machine washable, yet water-resistant at the beach. Women love the OOFOS the fuchsia colored ones. They also come in black, navy and mocha slides; and white or black clogs.

This line of OOFOS sandals is considered the most supportive sandals on the market for your feet.

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