Orthaheel Orthotics Saved Me Hours of Time Running to the Chiropractor!

Orthaheel Shock Absorber Insoles

“Flat feet were zapping my energy during the day and I knew it because whenever I stood up, my feet would roll inward and begin hurting when I walked. My back and neck pain left me going to my chiropractor two and three times a week. One day I got up and said, “Enough of this nonsense! There is an answer and I know what it is. It’s shoes and orthotics for overpronation.”   I purchased a few new pairs of athletic shoes that felt great. But within two weeks, my feet didn’t feel supported with them any longer. I ordered the best orthotics I could find – the Orthaheel Shock Absorber Insoles and they came within a few days. I couldn’t wait to put them in the new shoes.   From the minute I started walking on them, my foot alignment was restored. All the fatigue from being out of alignment has left me completely. I also don’t need as many chiropractor adjustments – and I’m a chiropractor myself!  I can go two to three weeks without an adjustment and feel great. I highly recommend these orthotics for anyone with flat feet, even if you did purchase new shoes. So glad these are on the market for us to take advantage of. There are so many solutions that are natural that will decrease our trips to the doctors!

Thanks Tyler and all the staff at The Insole Store – your efforts are changing lives and bringing energy, joy and solutions.”
–Dr. Donna

Ideastep Insole is an orthotics manufacturer, Offer OEM & ODM.

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