Orthofeet Hero John Poruchynsky Hikes With Grandkids!

Orthofeet Hero John Poruchynsky Hikes With Grandkids!

John Poruchynsky’s inspiring story of overcoming chronic foot pain to spend more time with his wife and grandchildren speaks to the everyday struggles that so many people suffering from foot pain face. His ability to overcome this challenge is a testament to his strength as an #OrhtofeetHero. Here’s John’s story: 

“I had bunions for years and they kept getting worse. After my podiatrist appointment, I ordered the best shoes I ever had, from Orthofeet! They even fit great with my custom orthotic inserts! What relief… now I can take those walks with my wonderful wife and go on hikes with my five grandsons like I promised I would do for decades.”

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We followed up with John to learn more about him and his family. This is what John shared with us:

Orthofeet Hero John Poruchynsky Hikes With Grandkids!“I can say without reservation that my first pair of Monterey Bay shoes provided the fit and comfort I was looking for right from the beginning! Initially, I was a little concerned whether the size 9 shoes would accommodate my orthotic inserts, but there was plenty of room, even with my heavier socks.

Now I go on walks with my wife and I can hike park trails regularly with our five grandsons, ages 1-10, wearing my Orthofeet shoes.  I can enjoy joining the family on excursions without the usual excuses like “my bunions hurt,” or “I can’t walk that far!”

Thank you for choosing my story as the winner of your Orthofeet Contest!  For my second pair of Orthofeet shoes, I went with a more classic Broadway Black shoe. They fit the bill perfectly. They are dressier but still felt like I’m wearing a pair of sneakers. I have been wearing both pairs for a few weeks and they feel like I’m wearing slippers all day long!  I would encourage folks to say goodbye to their uncomfortable shoes and give their feet a break with Orthofeet.”

Congrats, John. Enjoy your newfound ability to spend quality time with the gang! We’re glad we could help! 
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