Orthofeet Hero Patricia Mayse Is Still Standing After Long-Term Foot Injury

Orthofeet Hero Patricia Mayse Is Still Standing After Long-Term Foot Injury

If you met Patricia Mayse twenty-two years ago, you’d see a very athletic and active women. There was no stopping her. She could walk and walk and walk.  After suffering a severe injury to her foot in 1994, Patricia saw her ability to be active slowly go down hill. She could no longer walk like she once had or even stand for very long….

Patricia felt frustrated as she struggled to live with the pain and dysfunction of injured feet.

Fortunately, OrthoFeet’s Chattanooga Mary Janes with a two-way strap has significantly improved Patricia’s ability to get around in more comfort and stability.

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Although Patricia’s feet are still in bad shape, having a comfortable pair of shoes to rely on has made a tremendous difference in her life. She walks with confidence…

“I know I can walk better. The shoes take pressure off my feet. My feet are in bad shape, so those are the only shoes I can actually wear. They are a bit more comfortable to walk in. I just like them all the way around. I feel a little bit more sure of myself that I won’t fall.”

Patricia’s favorite things to do include going shopping with her daughter and being outside with her four dogs (“a lab, a lab-chow mix, a German Shepherd, and a ‘Heinz 57 Varieties,’” she says. “I’m not sure what he is!”).

Patricia can now make the most of those activities without pain and discomfort.

“I can’t just go out and buy a pair of shoes at a regular store, but I can’t go barefoot. These shoes really help me.

 I have bought many shoes from Orthofeet.  Always the right fit style, always comfortable for my feet.  Since i have a lot of feet problems, I know Orthofeet will always work.”

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