Anyone that suffers from any form of foot pain can benefit from cushioned arch supports. Often you find that only while wearing specific shoes you begin to notice foot pain. So how can you decide if cushioned arch supports are really for you, and how do you go about picking the right one? Cushioned arch supports are a non- aggressive shoe insert that is designed to cushion the foot and absorb impact, while also providing moderate arch support. Cushioned arch supports can be used in all types of shoes from hiking boots to high heels. People who utilize arch supports are typically people who need a little more arch support than a standard shoe would offer. For example if you notice the inside of your shoes wear down fairly quickly then you may be suffering from overpronation and need extra arch support to properly align your foot.

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports

It’s important to realize that no cushioned arch support insole is made the same and they aren’t going to work the same for everyone. The first step to selecting your cushioned arch support insole is to identify if you have any current foot conditions such as heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia (forefoot pain). After you’ve done that ,you then want to determine what type of shoes you will be wearing while using Your Sole Insoles. For example if you plan on using these insoles in your tight fitting dress shoes, it is probably best to consider a thinner insoles or even a ¾ insole. The third step is then to chose a cushioned arch support that is appropriate for your arch type. Often foot pain stems from the arch area not having enough support thus putting an extra amount of stress on your feet and sometimes knees and lower back.

Take a look at our video “Find Out Your Foot Arch Type – Water Test “to learn how you can conduct a simple test to easily identify your arch type.

Identifying your arch type can help you better determine if a low, neutral or high arch support can help.   There is several benefits to using cushioned arch supports besides the decrease in foot pain. People typically find that their shoes last longer and that  they’re making less trips to the podiatrist. Less foot pain means you can also live a more active lifestyle and perform better on the field. Analyzing all of these factors is crucial when it comes to selecting the best type of cushioned arch support for you. So whether at work or play cushioned arch supports can be a great addition to your footwear. For either that little boost of comfort or simply to make a pair of old shoes enjoyable again ,cushioned arch supports can ease your foot pain.

Here are our top 5 picks for Cushioned Arch Support:

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports
Powerstep Comfort Last Cushioning Insoles

Powerstep ComfortLast Cushion Insoles – $26.95 These are full length insoles that will fit inside just about every type of shoe or boot. Soft, yet supportive, the Powerstep cushion insoles will fit your feet well since they are designed to fit the anatomical configuration of the foot. The heel area contains a gel zone, a double layer of cushioning, and a top layer is plush cushioning foam.

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports
Orthaheel Shock Absorber Insoles

Orthaheel Shock Absorber Cushion Insoles – $34.95 With a name that specifically includes the term, ‘shock absorber’, you know these have to be cushioning insoles. These are also certified for pain relief with the stamp of approval on them from the American Podiatric Medical Association. The deep heel cup and  4-degree rear heel wedge is designed to corrects your foot posture.

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports
Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles

Sof Sole Airr Orthotic Performance Insoles – $25.99 If you live an active lifestyle this insole is perfect for you. With four levels of combined technology this orthotic gives you outstanding cushioning and support. The Polymer gel, reinforced stability plate for long lasting arch support, built-in air chambers keep warm air out and pull cool air in while the energy rebound foam gives you the breath ability and durability that you need . The extra layers of cushioning offers maximum shock absorption and support to both the heel and forefoot areas. This insole is perfect for low to medium arches and also comes with a one year warranty to ensure long term comfort.

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports
Superfeet me

Superfeet me’s – $29.95 These new and stylish ¾ insoles are perfect for your tight fitting dress, high heels and casual footwear. The Superfeet me collection features a lightweight  ¾ insole for both men &women’s footwear. The semi-ridgid structure and built-in heel cup offers more cushioning and extra shock absorption than the typical Superfeet insole. With a strong core to reduce over-pronation and gain proper alignment the Superfeet me’s are sure to bring comfort and support to your feet.

Pain Relief with Cushion Arch Supports
New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles 3030

New Balance Pressure Release Relief Insoles w/ Met Support 3030- $32.49 Perfect for everyday life the the New Balance Pressure Release 3030 insole easily redistributes weight and provides pressure relief by providing a comfortable cushion feel. The built in Abzorb pads soothes forefoot and heel pain while the extra deep heel cup provides optimal shock absorption. Custom air channels are designed to move warm air out and bring cool air in , keeping your feet both dry and cool.

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