Heel spur inserts could be the answer to your foot pain, but how do you know if you have heel spurs? For some, the pain caused by heel spurs is sharp and excruciating, but for many others there might be no pain at all. For those with heel pain however, you might agree sometimes that it feels as if you are being stabbed in the back of the foot. In other circumstances, the heel spur can occur along with plantar fasciitis, causing an inflammation of the sole of the foot connecting to the heel. This inflammation of the plantar fascia may lead to pain in the arch of your foot.

Pain Relief with Heel Spur Inserts
heel spur pain

Heel spur pain is typically worse in the morning when first getting out of bed and feels as if someone has poked a pin into the bottom of the foot. Heel spur pain lessens up during the day, turning into a dull ache, but returns with a vengeance as soon as you get up from sitting for long periods of time.

A doctor visit will be able to confirm a diagnosis of heel spur when an x-ray is taken. On the x-ray, there will be a calcified lesion in the area of the heel. With such pain affecting your daily mobility, you will want find relief immediately.

How can heel spur inserts help to relieve pain?

These cushion inserts are pads that are doughnut-shaped in the area of the heel spur. The middle of the insert is removed so that the heel spur won’t touch your shoe while you walk. Since the heel spur isn’t being pressed, there’s no pain when you walk with heel spur inserts in your shoes.

What type of heel spur inserts are available?

Below is a list of three top rated inserts from heel inserts to 3/4th length insoles:

1. Pedag Point Heel Spur Inserts –

These are made with 100% cowhide leather on the top and rubber on the bottom. There’s also an adhesive bottom you can peel off and place exactly where you need it in your shoe.
Cost: $18.99.

2. Orthaheel Gel Heel Orthotic Inserts –

Pain Relief with Heel Spur Inserts
orthaheel gel heel orthotic

These heel spur inserts are approved and accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association as a way for heel spur pain relief. They fit easily into your daily shoes. They also are designed with a  a deep heel cup so your foot bones will stay aligned as you walk. This is a great feature because it’s possible that misalignment of your foot bones is the original reason for heel spurs developing.

These Orthaheel gel heel spur inserts also assist in preventing your feet from overpronating because they contain a rear foot wedge. Overpronating means your feet are falling to the inside as you walk. This could be due to muscles that are weakened or many other reasons, but the point is that overpronating also may be a cause of heel spurs. These cost only $24.95.

3. Sof Sole Gel Arch Comfort Insoles –

These 3/4 length gel insoles are designed for both men and women to help alleviate pain associated with heel spurs. They are designed with a deep heel cup to ensure stability, and a dual-density heel and metatarsal protection. They fit into all types of shoes and are able to absorb shock as you take each step. Available for just $14.49

Cost: $14.49

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