When it comes to the materials on the inside of your shoes, you can’t get much more natural than leather. There are many different types of leather insoles out there, but the best quality ones you will find are made by Pedag.

Just where do you get leather insoles, and what’s the difference between them?

Well, there’s the Pedag Leather Insoles, which are a simple type of leather insole. Made in Germany, this vegetable tanned leather insole can easily replace currently worn leather insoles, replace Your Sole Insoles from that favorite, worn out pair of boat shoes, or can simply be placed in any casual or dress shoes. This brand’s leather insole is thin and not made for those who have wide feet.


This insole also comes in a children’s version called Pedag Bambini Children’s Leather Insoles. It supports the child’s arch with an arch support and keeps the feet aligned as well. There’s a non-slip pattern built into it to prevent slippage and injuries. These are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.


The Pedag Comfort Leather Insoles are a bit different than the previously mentioned ones. These insoles have added support in the metatarsal arch to prevent pain from occurring there. Pain in the ball of the foot is often because there’s a collapse of the metatarsal arch of the foot. Just as pain from a flattened medial longitudinal arch can go away quickly with arch supports, the same is true here with metatarsal arch supports.


Pedag Leather Insole: Which One Is For Me?
leather insoles


When there is a collapse of the metatarsal arch, usually a burning sensation will occur behind the toes, tenderness and pain in the ball of the foot develops, and sometimes the foot even begins to cramp. A callus is likely to form on the sole of your foot right before this all happens as well. With collapse of the metatarsal arch, a condition called splay foot, where your foot gets wider, can occur.


The Pedag Comfort Leather Insole also has extra soft heel padding, and is perfect for someone who is overly sensitive to glues, man-made materials, and latex. The adhesives used in it is a water-based adhesive and the latex is a hypoallergenic latex.


One last leather insole is the Pedag Viva Mini Holiday Orthotic Arch Support Insole. This leather insole is ultra-light in its construction. It offers good support for both the metatarsal arch and the medial longitudinal arch both. This one fits in high heels and dress shoes because it is ultra thin. It’s ¾ in length and has the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association.


Whenever an orthotic or insole has the approval of the American Podiatric Medical Association, it means that its construction is ergonomically built to prevent pain in the foot, heel, ankle, knee, hip or low back. Since all parts of the body are connected, proper support of the foot goes a long way to align the rest of the body. Foot posture is everything!

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