Pedag: Quality Insoles with Lasting Leather

Friday, 10 July 2015  |  John

Pedag is a part of the Euroleathers family, a leather trader and stocker dedicated to creating high-quality products in a number of different fields. After working for decades on what goes on the outside of shoes, in 2003 they decided to bring their care and attention to the inside of shoes too. With a combined experience of over 70 years of leatherwork, it’s no surprise that Pedag insoles are comfortable and supporting.

The Power of Leather

Many of Pedag’s shoe insoles use leather as the surface your foot sits on. Because of their decades of experience with leather, they know the best leather to use for different purposes and how comfortable leather can be on your aching foot.

In addition to the great comfort leather can provide, it also makes Your Sole Insoles incredibly hard-wearing. This durability ensures that not only do Your Sole Insoles help to relieve foot pain but also do so for as long as possible.

Pedag: Quality Insoles with Lasting Leather

Not Just Leather

Despite the many applications of leather in shoe insoles, Pedag knows that it isn’t always the best choice. Alongside the many leather insoles (which are still as comfortable as ever), they make insoles and foot products for every purpose and occasion.

Their bunion protector, for example, covers up bunions and acts as a cushion for reducing the pressure on the sensitive point. In addition to this, they also utilise cushioning gel for a number of their insoles, providing you with a softer insoles that fits the contours of your foot and gives a more snug support to your foot.

To provide even more quality, many Pedag insoles also contain an active carbon filter. This helps to reduce the amount of odour caused by the shoe insoles, helping to keep them not only more pleasant to use but also more hygienic.

Helping to Heal

Many of Pedag’s insoles don’t just help to prevent foot injuries but can actually help to heal existing injuries. The Pedag VIVA is one of the best shoe insoles out there for absorbing the impact your feet take while walking and running. Impact is one of the major causes of injuries to the feet, ankles and knees and by lessening the effects of impact, pressure is taken off of injured joints and tendons. Without taking the full brunt of your daily activity, you will find that the healing process is expedited.

A Good Sport

Don’t think that Pedag’s insoles are just for everyday activity, though. Their Sportsline range is ideal for almost all forms of sport, improving posture and movement while also protecting against sports-related foot injuries and strain. Their comfortable cushioning reduces the strain and pressure that your feet experience during sport, meaning you can run, jump, kick and sprint for longer.

If you are interested in buying Pedag insoles, feel free to visit Shoe Insoles and check out our full range of Pedag Shoe Insoles.

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