[Plantar pressure distribution in inline skating on straights]

Plantar pressure distribution in inline skating on straight was measured with a flexible insole in 13 experienced subjects at a speed of 18 and 24 km/h. The results showed three areas that were exposed to high pressures, i.e. the heel with 258 and 265 kPa, the first metatarsal head with 265 and 281 kPa, the hallux with 319 and 324 kPa at 18 and 24 km/h, respectively. All other areas showed peak pressures that were less than half of these values. Lowest values were found in the midfoot area. Changing speed from 18 to 24 km/h led to a small increase of peak pressures in all areas. Peak pressures were comparable to walking but showed the trend to be lower than in running.

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