Have you noticed there’s been a breakdown in the whole consumer goods industry in just about every field since the advent of Amazon.com? If something is sold to someone – even professionals, it’s no doubt available to the public.


Take the example of physician supplements. Whatever physicians can order for their line of supplements is available elsewhere to the public. You may have to look hard to find it but eventually you will find it. The primary company that manufactures a product often thinks nothing about putting a different label on the product to capture the rest of the market.


Well the same thing has happened to the orthotics industry although maybe not the entire industry. While you really can’t purchase your own kit on making a custom Orthotic for yourself, you can purchase over-the-counter versions of what the physicians would be prescribing to their patients. This is exactly the case with the Powerstep Pinnacle.


Powerstep Pinnacle: It Could be the Answer to Your Prayers
Powerstep orthotics


The Powerstep Pinnacle – by the way it’s the best selling Orthotic among the different Powerstep orthotics – is the over-the-counter product and the Pro  Tech Full Length is the one that the physicians sell. There is a difference in the two though; they are different colors and different prices. Guess which  one is the better price. Yep, you guessed correctly; it’s the Powerstep Pinnacle. The Powerstep Pinnacle is about 34% less than the doctor’s version.


So what this tells us is you can once again cut out a middle man and make out like a bandit saving money for the same product. Any Powerstep orthotics  are good to get, but still, saving money always means you can use it on something else.


The Powerstep Pinnacle is made of a polypropylene shell in the core surrounded by cushions along with a heel cup, and platforms under the heel and the leading edge. The cushioning is a hypurcel foam and EVA foam. There’s an antibacterial top coat that also is designed to reduce friction and prevent you from slipping.


One review on the www.TheInsoleStore.com site about the Powerstep Pinnacle is from a man who reported that the only solution for his severe pain at work from bunions was this Powerstep orthotics. This man had to carry heavy objects at work, which would place even more pounds per square inch of pressure on his feet than normal. He had pain for over 15 years. He purchased these orthotics and for the last two years, has not had any pain. He didn’t need surgery either.


This is a good example of how well Powerstep orthotics work, but also and perhaps more importantly how having the correct orthotics for your feet is always the best solution. Had the man had surgery, he would have had a long recovery, missed work, altered his gait due to the pain after surgery, and probably created new problems. Adding Powerstep orthotics into your shoes is a simple solution.

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