[Pressure distribution on the sole in normal adult men during walking using the ANIMA-G2800 for recording]

Pressure distribution on the sole during walking has been considered a useful indicator in the treatment of various foot disorders. In this study, the present worker recorded pedobarograms of 31 normal adult males in order to clarify patterns of pressure distribution on the sole during walking, and investigate influential factors behind these patterns. Pedobarograms were used to depict pressure distribution on the sole, and the ANIMA-G2800 was utilized for recording. At the pedobaragram analyses of the distribution of maximum pressure areas during walking, the author studied relationships between pressure distribution patterns and changes in the medial arch of the foot, step length, step width, foot angle, and angle of the subtalar joint. The distribution of the pressure areas, 0.2, 0.5, and 0.8 kg/cm2 in all 31 subjects was similar. The pedobarograms showed 3 distribution patterns of the pressure levels in the forefoot, and each subject had a combination of these patterns. Type A had the maximum pressure area on the first metatarsal head. Type B had the maximum pressure areas on the second and third metatarsal heads. The maximum pressure areas for Type C were either on all 3 metatarsal heads or on both the first and third metatarsal heads. Type A had such characteristic features as: smaller changes in the length of the medial arch and in the angle of inversion, smaller foot angle, and larger step width than those of Type B. The present work has concluded that these variations in pressure distribution patterns on the sole appear to be produced through the body’s normal adjustment mechanism to maintain a smooth and effective walking step.

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