[Pressure distribution on the sole of the human foot while standing and walking, barefoot and with shoes]

For more than a century, scientists and practicians of orthopedic shoe production have been increasing their knowledge on the normal statics and dynamics of the lower extremities as well as on innate or often acquired posture anomalies and foot deformities. Even amongst young adults, barely half of one percent has so-called “inconspicuous” feet without restrictive signs of foot deformities. Consequently, the resulting primary illnesses and secondary injuries must be treated. Quantitative pressure distribution graphs in isobaric representation at the heel barefoot when standing and walking were determined by means of an improved, locally fixed device by Elftman and Helm. For the first time, a newly developed mobile measuring process allows measuring pressures at the heel inside the shoe while standing as well as while walking, running or jumping. The rolloff motion of the heel allowed the determination of a “maximum pressure line.” Orthopedic recommendations for the production of true-to-form and true-to-function shoes for walking and sports shoes are included.

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