[Pressure distribution under the human footsole: qualitative and quantitative results (author’s transl)]

Results obtained with an already described device (Beierlein 1977) are presented. 16 subjects (4 with “normal feet”, 4 with pes valgus and flat-foot, 4 with splay foot and 4 with combined flat- and splay foot) were taken for the following investigations of pressure distribution under the human footsole: Standing subjects: 1. Standing on two feet, barefoot with fixed upright posture; 2. dynamic unrolling of the bare-footed human footsole with constant walking speed. Examples of coloured isobares of the pressure distribution of a “normal foot” and splay-flatfoot are presented. Further the results of a hollow foot are described. The measured pressures vary between 4.9 and 78.5 N/cm2 (= 0.5 and 8 kp/cm2). Examples of interpretations are given to stimulate orthopedic surgeons to use the created measuring technique for definition and diagnosis of foot deformities.

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