If you suffer from arthritis, it is critically important

Proper Foot Care Can Ease Arthritis Pain
insoles for arthritis

One of the best ways to help reduce foot pain caused by arthritis is keeping your foot in proper balance with arthritis foot cradles (specially designed insoles).  These foot orthotics will help cushion the foot and reduce joint imbalance.  This reduces joint pain and inflammation.  

Arthritic Insoles are the same as Diabetic Insoles in that they provide a special top-coat to minimize skin shear and extra soft cushion.


Arthritis is literally “pain in a joint.”  Whether caused by wear and tear or from a past injury such as a severe sprain, fracture or dislocation, arthritis can set in years later even if the injury is properly treated.  When a joint is injured or wears down it is much more likely to become arthritic as you age.

There is no cure for arthritis, but with proper cushioning and balance in the foot it is possible to decrease the pain and inflammation of the arthritic joints.  With 28 bones and more than 30 joints in just the foot, it is clear why there are many opportunities to develop arthritis in the foot.  When arthritis develops in one or multiple joints in the foot it can have a negative effect on balance and can make it painful and difficult to stand or walk.

This causes many problems for arthritis sufferers, as walking and other low-impact exercises are critically important to our overall health.  When severe arthritis in the foot keeps people from exercise and other activities it can lead to other, more damaging health problems.

But thanks to Podiatrist recommended ProThotic Comfort Gel Insoles, it is possible to help decrease the joint pain, allowing men and women with arthritis to manage their pain while remaining active and living more fulfilling lives.

Protect your feet today so you can continue to live the life you desire, regardless of foot arthritis.  Check out the Best Insoles for Arthritis Today!

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