Have you ever heard of Prothotics? Prothotics insoles are insoles designed for employees who are on their feet all day long. They’re a brand of insoles that are developed to improve the work performance of the employees and decrease time spent away from work because of issues related to the feet and posture.

Why Standing All Day Can Lead to Foot or Body Aches and Conditions

Prothotics Insoles: Insoles of Choice for You On the Job

When you’re standing all day at work, if your feet aren’t supported, then you’ll end up with fatigue and even pain. The pain may start in your feet, but because your body is one integrated ‘machine’, that pain will move up to your ankle, Achille’s tendon, knee, hip, low back, mid back and even neck. But once your feet are supported with prothotics, all the pain starts to dissipate.

This is because pain results when there’s inflammation of soft tissues in the feet – your muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones and joints. Your muscles may be overworked if the structure of your feet needs support and is not getting it. For example, if you have a fallen arch and you aren’t wearing arch supports, the muscles of the bottom and sides of your feet will become overworked.

Why Companies Love Prothotics Insoles

Prothotics insoles provide maximum arch support, shock absorption for the heel and forefoot with specific pads built into Your Sole Insoles, and are made to stabilize your heel. If your heel is stabilized with the VyGel heel found in these insoles, then there’s no chance it will ‘wander’ as you walk. In some people, their heel may veer off to the outside or the inside, and this by itself becomes another way that different foot disorders begin. As the foot veers off to one side or another, the bones become misaligned, the muscles and ligaments become overworked, and the structure of the foot breaks down.


Sliding feet are ones that end up with blisters. But with prothotics insoles, even when they’re added to shoes that are extra deep, such as in work boots, your foot is supported and doesn’t slide. This comes in handy when you’re at work and have to step in slippery conditions. And your employer will love these Prothotics insoles because it means less falls at work. Less liability and claims.


Prothotics insoles are created with a top layer of Plastazote and a soft cushion of polyurethane. They are made to fit wide feet. They are heat moldable. And they are great for diabetics, too. Built for stability, performance on the job, prothotic insoles are approved as a manufacturer of military insoles. Whether you’re marching all day long or running long distances as a hobby, prothtoics insoles can make a big difference in your foot support. The materials used to create prothotic insoles are ones that don’t pollute the air in any way, shape or form.


Prothotics insoles are the choice of many safe-minded companies that are looking out for the well-being of their employees. The prothotics company is based in Rhode Island.

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