[Reducing the pressure on heel and foot-sole areas by means of Allevyn Gentle, Gentle Border and Gentle Border Heel dressings]

Introduction: The study of plantar pressure distribution allows detecting possible overpressure in areas of the foot that could cause discomfort or even injury. The use of dressings is a possible measure for for proper management of pressure to prevent and treat pressure sores.

Materials and methods: An experimental study was designed to calculate the pressure level with and without the use of Allevyn dressing: Allevyn Gentle and Gentle Border in the forefoot, and Allevyn Gentle Border Heel in the Heel of five healthy people. The measurements were performed with bare feet and with different dressings controlling gait speed to achieve uniform cadences. Biofoot/IBV V6.0., a system of instrumented insoles, was used to determine pressure in the forefoot and the heel.

Results: Allevyn Gentle Border Heel reduced 45% the average pressure and 42% the maximum pressure (p <0.05). Allevyn Gentle and Allevyn Gentle Border reduced 27% the average pressure and 23%-25% maximum pressures (p <0.05).

Discussion: Although our study has some limitations, such as the valuation based on healthy volunteers and walking with bare feet, we can establish that dressings studied, had a local lowering effect of pressure on the foot (heel and forefoot) during the gait cycle.

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