Did you know that the founder of UGGs, Brian Smith, immigrated to southern California in 1978 with the concept of sheepskin boots before anyone else even had a chance to think of it? People in California absolutely loved his UGG boots because they fit in well with their California lifestyles.

By the 1980s, UGG boots were irresistible. Just about everyone between San Diego and Santa Cruz had at least one pair, if not a closet full of them. UGGs slowly began to trend all throughout America. By 2000, when Oprah Winfrey mentioned and gave away UGG Sheepskin boots on her television show, they really took off.


UGG replacement insoles are an absolute necessity if you have UGG boots or shoes because UGG footwear stays in style for years and you’ll need to keep them in good condition.


You can order UGG replacement insoles online at www.TheInsoleStore.com. Remember that just any ordinary insole won’t work inside of an UGG boot – real UGG insoles are made with luxurious sheepskin wool to keep your feet warm and comfortable. Fortunately, they only cost $15.

Replacement Insoles For UGGs
UGG replacement insoles



UGG insoles fit in all of the boot styles mentioned below:


• Adirondack Boot II and Tall

• Butte

• Hilgard

• Nightfall

• Sunburst Tall and II

• Ultimate Short and Tall

• Sahale

• Original Sundance


Here are a few different UGG replacement insoles to choose from:

1. Pedag Pascha insoles – Made of soft and luxurious natural genuine shearling lambskin wool. You’ll find a cork sole that protects your feet when the ground is cold and wet. These are designed for narrow feet.

2. Pedag Solar Insoles – These are designed with a quilted wool top layer top and a three-layer thermal insulation shield, and an anti-skid aluminum reflector shield bottom layer.

3. Superfeet MerinoWhite Premium Insoles – These Superfeet insoles also work as UGG replacement insoles. These are pricey because of their 90% hypoallergenic Merino wool, one of the finest wools in the world. These are orthotically-designed and one of the best.

If you cannot live without your UGGs, be sure to stock up on your replacement insoles as they are high in demand.

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