S is for SOLO

S is for SOLOS is for SOLOS is for SOLO

S is for SOLO

S is for the SOLO Portal

A convenient way to manage your payments and check the status of your orders.

View, Print, and Pay Invoices through the SOLO Portal.

The SOLO portal shows all of your open, overdue, and paid invoices. Simply, click on the invoice button on the portal dashboard and accept the terms and conditions to indicate you’re authorized to view and, or pay invoices. Sign up today.

Making payments through the portal is easy. Log on and choose to pay one or more invoices. Enter your credit card or ACH information, and we’ll process your payment at no additional cost to you. Each morning, your account is updated to reflect payments from the previous day. For your protection, our system doesn’t store your credit card or ACH information. Save the $5 processing fee for phone-in payments by using the portal to pay your invoices. 

Check the Status of Your Orders

Search by Name

Enter the patient name in the search box, and you’ll see all matching orders.

Search by purchase order number. Click on the arrow to the right of the search box and a drop-down will appear. Check the box that says, “search by p.o.” Enter the purchase order number in the search box. You’ll see all orders associated with the purchase order number. Uncheck the box to search by name.

View Your Invoices

When you log into the portal, you’ll see a notification if you have past due invoices. Clicking on this notification will apply a filter that displays only overdue invoices. When viewing all invoices, you can also use the filter to find invoices by other statuses, which is an easy way to see what is open, overdue, or paid. You can also search for purchase orders in the invoice view, as well. That’s a helpful timesaver.

  • Open Invoices: All invoices that have not been paid and are not past due.
  • Overdue Invoices: Invoices that are 30 days or more past the invoice date.
  • Paid Invoices    


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