Your kids are growing fast. It seems like you just bought them a whole new wardrobe and they are already complaining that their shoes are too tight. Thinking about insoles for your children may be one of the last things on your mind, but they are actually extremely important for their health. Below are four main reasons why buying insoles for your kids is one of the best investments in your children’s health:

1. The construction and design of shoes for kids is actually very similar to the construction of shoes for adults. Because of the large variability of feet, it’s impossible to create a standard type of insole that will support all the many types of feet. However, children need more than just a basic, generic shoe insole.

For example, if one of your kids has low arched, or flat, feet and the other has high arched feet, the insole designed for high arches is not going to prevent pain and fatigue in the child with flat feet.

Should My Kids Wear Insoles?
insoles for kids

Children’s Insoles are going to benefit your kids a lot because Your Sole Insoles will be customized to your child’s needs. Similar to buying the correct sized clothing for your children, buying the right pair of shoes and insoles is just as important. Since children aren’t born with arches, they must develop them as they grow. We are able to help this process with properly designed children’s insoles specific for developing feet.

2. Insoles for kids are podiatrist recommended. Podiatrists create specialized insoles for kids because they understand the difference between an adult foot and a child’s foot. Both need proper support but the difference in what types of support is necessary is striking. You’ll even find that a majority of insoles for kids are accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association and help to reduce and prevent foot pain and fatigue.

3. Kids with sore feet are less likely to want to engage in physical activity.  It is important to prevent your child from having serious foot conditions in the future. If your child is complaining of foot pain after they participating in sports activities or even after walking around on weekends, insoles can help to prevent this.

4. Insoles that are orthopedically created could assist in better balance. When the foot is totally supported in the heel, mid-foot, and toe region by specific design features within Your Sole Insole, the foot will stay aligned more often. This helps to prevent the foot from veering off to the inside or outside and will result in better overall balance.

If you’re interested in which insoles for your kids to start out with, be sure to try the Spenco support insoles. Below are 3 other highly recommended children’s insoles:


1. Spenco Kids Total Support Insoles


• Advanced arch and heel support

• 3-POD Cushioning to reduce oversupination and overpronation, keeping feet aligned straight as your children walk

• Thickness of 6 mm at the heel (about 0.24 inches) and 4.2 mm in the forefoot (0.17 inches)

Should My Kids Wear Insoles?
Spenco support insoles


2. Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles


• Triple layer design (Foam for top and bottom layers with support for the second layer)

• Made from nontoxic materials

• Three quarter length helps them to fit in any shoe


3. Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles


• Trim-to-fit insoles for kids

• For tight fitting shoes

• Patented stabilizer cap (called Encapsulating Stabilizer System – ESS) supports the entire foot

• For children with a low arch or a medium arch

• Made of foam

• Deep heel cup keeps the foot walking straight

• Algion top coat to prevent foot odor


Insoles for kids have many benefits, including: prevention of serious foot conditions, proper foot arch development, increased balance, and foot pain and fatigue prevention. To view all children’s insoles from, click here.

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