Simultaneous recording of longitudinal displacements of both feet during human walking

1. Recordings of longitudinal displacements of both feet have been performed by linking each foot to a length-voltage transducer by means of threads. The movement transmitted to the transducer was reduced by winding the thread around a sixteen strand pulley block. 2. The aspect of the displacement curves allows a direct analysis of the walk. Some typical curves of normal and pathological gaits are presented. Graphic measurements done on several right and left cycles of a 6 m walk episode in 50 adult subjects provided data to determine the mean and the standard deviation of spatial and temporal parameters of the walk. 3. An advantage of this method is to permit the measurement of the parameters of several successive cycles of both sides and so to detect changes in the length, the duration and the velocity of successive cycles of the same foot and of alternated cycles of both feet. This being important to characterize pathological gaits.

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