Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference

Tuesday, 3 November 2015  |  John

Sole was founded in 2001 in Canada, and since then their insoles have been responsible for over 350 miles of non-stop running, numerous Everest climbs and helping to reduce the pain and strain of over five million soles around the world.

Working with Experts

For several years, Sole has been working with the Running Injury Clinic in Calgary, Canada and its director, Dr Reed Ferber, to ensure that their insoles don’t just offer comfort – that they also actively work to reduce pain and fatigue. 

This research has shown that Sole insoles can reduce the strain on the plantar fascia (the tissue which connects the heel and the toes and takes a lot of stress day in, day out) by up to 34%. This not only reduces fatigue massively, but also helps reduce the pain which plantar fascia conditions like plantar fasciitis can cause. 

Responsible Growth

Since its creation, Sole has worked hard to ensure that they are a net benefit, not just to their customers, but to the Earth as a whole. Since 2007 they became a part of the reCORK program, using recycled cork from wine bottles in their products.

Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference

Sole makes sure that they aren’t just carbon neutral – they’re carbon negative.  They monitor every part of their operation for its carbon footprint, and purchase offsets, like cork tree planting, to ensure that their great work doesn’t come at the cost of the planet we all share.

Designed for the Future

When Sole designs their insoles, they look at them from all angles. They use cutting-edge technology and new ideas to create the best possible product, without compromising on style and environmental considerations.

The result is some of the best insoles ever to have been created, and one of the most satisfied customer bases ever to exist. 

Loved by All

Every day, Sole receives emails and testimonials from their customers telling them how much they love their products and how much they have benefited from them. Whether they’ve enabled them to run triathlons and marathons or just live without foot pain, Sole’s insoles have given a huge amount of people a new lease on life.

In fact, Sole is so proud of their customer feedback, they’ve got a whole section on their website dedicated to the testimonials and reviews they’ve received for their life-changing insoles.

This Sporting Life

Sole insoles are worn by professional athletes from a huge variety of sports and disciplines from basketball to cyclists, from footballer players to mountaineers. The adaptable support Sole insoles give them gives their performance the boost they need when they need it. 

The personalised fit that Sole insoles offer gives you extra awareness of what you’re shoe’s doing, so you can stick the landing, get into the perfect sprint and do what you need to do.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a pair of Sole insoles, head on over to Shoe Insoles and check out our full range of Sole Insoles. 

Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference

Sole Softec Response Insoles

  • Extra cushioning for athletics
  • Vegan-friendly design and manufacture
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet for better hygiene
  • Mouldable custom support allows customised fit
Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference    In stock now

Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference

Sole Thin Casual Insoles

  • Minimal insoles for tight-fitting shoes
  • Vegan-friendly constructions
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet provides better hygiene
  • Mouldable custom support for customised fit
Sole: Reducing Pain, Making A Difference    In stock now

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