Static foot disorders: a major risk factor for chronic venous disease?

Objective: To study the relationship between the static foot disorders (SFDs) and chronic venous disease (CVD).

Material and methods: A retrospective study of 824 feet in unselected 412 patients seen by one phlebologist using a standardized record form. A complete clinical, aetiological, anatomical and pathological elements (CEAP) classification was determined. Alleged venous symptoms were recorded using a 10-point visual analogue scale and scored using a customized questionnaire. A standardized measurement of the Djian-Annonier angle was used to quantify and identify the presence of any static disorder of the foot.

Results: There were 156 men (37.8%) and 256 women (62.2%) who were included in this study. A majority of patients (59.3%) had a CEAP classification of C3 or greater. Static disorders of the feet were found to be very common in the study population: 137 feet were hollow feet (16.6%) and 120 flat feet (14.5%). Thus, 31% of all of the feet had some form of SFD. A significant correlation was found between the incidence of SFD and body mass index (P < 0.01), the presence of symptoms (P<0.001) and prolonged standing during the day (>5 hours, P < 0.05). The severity of the CVD, represented by the CEAP clinical classes, was also found to be very significantly related to the SFD (P < 0.001). This correlation was found to be independent of age.

Conclusion: Static disorders of the foot can be considered as an important risk factor that negatively affects CVD. In daily practice, it is often underestimated. This emphasizes the crucial importance of the detection of SFD during the clinical exam of all CVD patients. Correction of static disorders of the feet will improve symptoms due to the SFD, as well as those related to venous stasis. These results can easily be explained by improvement of foot pump efficacy during walking.

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