Symptoms of Heel Spurs

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Hurting heels? You might be suffering from Heel Spurs, in fact you may be suffering from more than that! These bony outgrowths, caused by strain on the muscles of the foot, can be triggered by other, more painful conditions. While around half of all Heel Spurs will do a pretty good job of hurting all by themselves, for those placed under the foot this may also be a sign of Plantar Fasciitis, just as those placed at the back of the heel may be pointing to a case of Achilles Tendinitis. It's worth knowing that Heel Spurs don't cause either of these conditions, but that the reverse can be true.

Simple Symptoms

It’s perfectly possible to have a Heel Spur without knowing it, only 1 in every 20 Heel Spurs give any sign of their presence, most others are only spied on an x-ray. For Heel Spurs that do wish to make themselves known, the symptoms are simple – but not always pleasant – to recognise as a pain around the heel.

Most noticeable during the early morning before the area has warmed up, if your first few steps of the day are particularly painful then you may have a Heel Spur. If you’re still not certain you can always investigate the area for yourself – in some cases you’ll be able to feel the bony lump. The area of the Heel Spur may be tender to the touch, or inflamed. Ice is the best way to soothe your suffering feet, no fancy cooling gels or sprays needed, the traditional frozen pea approach is just as good. 

Not all about rest and relaxation? Well, a little exercise always goes a long way, and it’s no different for feet with Heel Spurs, to find out more about the best workout routine for hurting heels, check out our blog post on Heel Spur Exercises!

There’s an Ache in My Boots

If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis then your heels may be in need of a bit more care than a bag of peas can provide. Massage is an effective way to lessen heel pain, boost circulation and help feet feel better. For Heel Spurs a deep tissue massage is best, where the area around the spur is most in need of some TLC. Contrary to popular belief, a heel spur is not so sharp that you cannot benefit from massaging it, pain is caused by the pressure and strain it places in the surrounding tissue and putting pressure directly on the spur itself won’t make it pierce through anything!

We have plenty of advice for how to go about treating Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendonitis from exercises to top insoles to our fabulous free ebook, all to help you stop suffering from heel spurs and start getting back to having happy feet.

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Symptoms of Heel Spurs

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