Temporal and dynamic changes in plantar pressure distribution, as well as in posture during slow walking in flat and high-heel shoes

Purpose: The aim of the study was to assess the differences in plantar pressure distribution and in posture during slow and very slow walking on the treadmill in flat and high-heeled shoes.

Methods: The Pedar-X® (Novel, Munich, Germany) measuring insoles were used to measure the plantar pressure distribution and to assess temporal parameters during walking on the treadmill with the speed v1 = 0.97 ms-1 and v2 = 0.56 ms-1 in flat shoes (FS) and HH. For postural measurement, the SonoSens Monitor Analyzer (Gefremed, Chemnitz, Germany) was used. Thirty healthy females who only occasionally wear HH volunteered to participate in the study (age: 21.8 ± 2.09 years, weight: 55.7 ± 4.05 kg, height: 1.66 ± 0.03 m). For statistical analysis the ANOVA, and paired t-test were used.

Results: Significant differences in walking in HH were detected in temporal and plantar pressure variables, compared to FS. The walking speed influenced the temporal variables, but not the measured dynamic parameters, in either shoes. In the sagittal plane, significant differences in all sections of the spine were identified for v1 and v2. While walking in HH, lordosis at lumbar spine decreased significantly as well as at cervical spine, and kyphosis increased in the thoracic spine. In HH statistically significant differences between the walking speeds were observed particularly in the thoracic spine.

Conclusions: Walking in high heels caused a plantar pressure changes and curvature of the spine, and the slowing of walking speed did not prevent these changes.

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