The Best Football Insoles

Tuesday, 5 January 2016  |  Admin

Did you know that premier league footballers can run up to 9.5 miles in a single match? You may not be a football superstar, but that doesn’t mean your weekly kick-about is any less taxing on your feet.

The strategic aspect of football tends to pre-occupy many fans of the sport, but the physical exertion required to get through a game is equally as impressive if you stop and consider that a football pitch is anywhere between 90 – 120 metres long – 90 minutes of running up and down this sizeable area is quite a feat! While you may have placed the utmost importance on finding the perfect football boot to help you manoeuvre with precision and skill, you’ve probably also discovered that your nifty sports shoes aren’t the best supporters of your feet. Shoe insoles, anyone?

Yes, we said insoles, because even super-fit footballers feet aren't too good for them! Not merely for sore feet recovering from injury, they’re also the perfect addition to any football shoe, helping cushion feet, give a more secure fit and absorb shock as you take part in extensive running. With a game like football that sees you suddenly changing direction and being quick on your feet, a stabilising insole is essential to make sure none of these sudden turns ends up turning into something much worse. A particularly unpleasant foot condition like Plantar Fasciitis can see you out of play for weeks on end, so why not stop injury from ever rearing its ugly head by investing in a good insole?

The Best Football Insoles

Finding the Turf-fect Insole

We stock a wide range of insoles at our online store, including the best insoles for football-mad feet. 

The Shock Doctor Turf Insoles have been specifically designed for sports played on turf surfaces, making them the perfect addition to any football or rugby kit. A lightweight support cap protects the foot where studs apply pressure, and the shock absorbing foam not only protects you from the impact of each step you take, it also helps reduce fatigue, so you can play better for longer.

If you’re not for Ironman, how about a world-famous skier instead? Chris Davenport’s Insoles, developed to suit tight fitting sports shoes improve foot alignment, have a heat-mouldable EVA base to give a perfect fit and give a great level of cushioning and support. A odour-fighting finish and moisture-control top sheet keep your feet dry, fresh and fully supported.

Foot Balls, and Heels, and Toes

Your feet endure a lot even in day to day life, every step you take sends shock waves through your foot, up your leg, to your hips and to your back. Compare that to the amount of running, kicking and tackling you do on the pitch and your feet take quite the battering, even if your team is victorious. An insole is a simple but effective way of helping feet stay happy and healthy, so that you won’t be regretting pushing them too hard, or end up watching from the sidelines with an injury to nurse.

Get in the game with our range of Football Insoles, slide them in and get ready to win!

The Best Football Insoles

Shock Doctor Turf Insoles


  • Designed for footballers
  • Made specifically for athletics pitches and turfs
  • Lets you move quicker and sharper
  • Incredibly discreet: weighs less than 50g and is 3mm thick
The Best Football Insoles The Best Football Insoles
The Best Football Insoles

Sole Signature Chris Davenport Thin Insoles


  • Designed with downhill skier Chris Davenport
  • Vegan-friendly construction
  • Moisture-wicking top sheet
  • Mouldable custom support
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