It’s a well-known fact now that if you replace your shoe insoles with the best fitting insoles for your feet, you’ll be less prone to develop foot problems. The best insoles ensure that your feet are totally supported and that there’s little chance your foot alignment will deviate from normal when walking. When your feet stay straight, then the muscles and ligaments don’t tire out easily. You end up going through your day without even noticing your feet. (Doesn’t it seem like you only notice your feet when they hurt?)

The Best Insoles Depend on Your Foot and Your Needs
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So the question becomes how do you determine what the best insoles are for your feet? The answer depends on what your physical needs are – what size foot and width you are, the type of support your foot needs, and the conditions your feet are subjected to on a normal day.

With that in mind, these are the questions you should be thinking about when choosing the best insoles for your feet:

  1. What is your shoe size?
  2. What is your shoe width?
  3. What type of arch does your foot have? (low, average, high)
  4. Do you have Achilles tendonitis? Plantar fasciitis? Morton’s neuroma?

    The Best Insoles Depend on Your Foot and Your Needs
    Plantar Fasciitis
  5. Do you have corns? Calluses? Bunions?
  6. Do you have a leg length discrepancy where one of your legs is longer than the other?
  7. Do you have hammer toes?
  8. Are you diabetic?
  9. Do you stand at your job all day long or for hours at a time?
  10. Do you have arthritis in your feet? Rheumatoid arthritis?
  11. Do you have a drop foot condition?
  12. Do you have heel spurs? Blisters or open wounds on your feet?
  13. Do you have Sever’s disease?
  14. Do you fall in the category of Big and Tall?
  15. Do your feet sweat excessively?
  16. Do your feet smell?
  17. Do your feet get cold often?
  18. Do you live in an area where there’s a lot of snow and ice in the winter?
  19. Do you participate in outdoor sports or indoor sports that involve special footwear?
  20. Does your job require steel toe shoes?
  21. Do you wear sandals often?
  22. Do you have plantar warts?

You can easily see that most of these questions for how to choose the best insoles center around medical conditions of the foot. That doesn’t mean you have to be a trained doctor to buy the best insoles for your feet.

Instead, it means you simply have to either get a prescription from your podiatrist for the best insoles for your feet or you have to know exactly what’s going on with your feet and take those requirements with you to a trained professional at who can steer you in the right direction.

The Best Insoles Depend on Your Foot and Your Needs

However, often it happens that podiatrists simply decide which exact orthotic insole their patients need and have a specific brand and product name they want their patient to get. This makes it easiest since all you have to do is call up and give them the brand, product name, shoe size, shoe width, and arch style you have.

Finding the best insole for your feet has never been easier. It all starts with knowing your feet. So get to know your feet today – and then you’ll be able to make them a lot happier.

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