The F-SCAN system of foot pressure analysis

The age of computerized gait analysis is here. There are several systems available to meet the needs of the podiatric practitioner. This author believes that the F-SCAN technology system makes a significant contribution to the practice of podiatric medicine. The system is user friendly, accurate, reproducible, and affordable. Its graphic display capabilities are colorfully attractive and easily understood. The primary focus of the F-SCAN system is that of peak pressure distribution over time. Vertical plantar pressure dispersion across the plantar surface of the foot is recorded, processed, and graphically displayed in terms of sequential gait changes. The system further allows for the manipulation of the accumulated data to present it in a more comprehensive manner. Future updates on the F-SCAN software are already close at hand and are expected to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of the system further. The four primary areas of clinical application for F-SCAN have been identified and briefly discussed. The recognition of certain biomechanical abnormalities, monitoring preorthotic and postorthotic use, evaluation of the diabetic or neuropathic foot, and presurgical and postsurgical functional examinations constitute this group. The F-SCAN system largely helps to remove some of the unavoidable guess work from essential diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. As we increase our understanding of the pathomechanics of these clinical problems, so too will we improve our management of the associated complications. Years ago, at the time when computerized gait analysis was being introduced to the podiatric profession, a frequently asked question was: What does it tell me that I don’t already know or can’t see by watching the patient walk?(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

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