“My Podiatrist prescribed a pair of these about eight years ago and applied metatarsal pads on them. I guess I have finally worn them out, but I can hardly function without them. I suffer from severe pain in the balls of both feet and ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles with those pads allow me to be active.I ordered two more insoles and some extra pads just recently. The life of the felt pads and insoles is truly amazing and was surprised to read that some recent purchasers experienced short-lived products. I weigh almost 250 pounds and work in my yard and on my house constantly. I’ll check back again to review the newer insoles and pads if I have any problems with the newer products.


PS I have flat feet. I strongly recommend felt pads for pain in the ball of your foot. There are YouTube vids describing how to properly place the felt pads. As stated above, I used the same insole and pad for eight years. Yes, there was a noticeable difference when I changed over to the new ones. I should not have waited eight years.”

“The life of the felt pads and insoles is truly amazing”
ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles

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