The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes “Orthopedic” and “stylish” aren’t normally two words that you hear in the same sentence. On the contrary, when we hear the words “orthopedic shoes”, the first image that pops into mind is bulky footwear. Orthopedic shoes are designed for people with conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, hammertoes, all of which require a design with a roomy toe box and extra depth for accommodating insoles and orthotics. These requirements make it challenging to design orthopedic shoes that are stylish, however, Orthofeet has found a way – yes, even for stylish women’s orthopedic shoes!

How did we do it?

Orthofeet put its team of designers to the test to come up with a solution – and they did! They developed a unique sole design with a “wall”, built around the sole layers, which hides the shoe’s thickness and bulkiness. This design makes the shoe look slimmer and more fashionable without compromising comfort and the biomechanical technology.

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Another design feature that helps hide the shoe’s bulkiness is the special stitching and decorations that are added to the uppers, which significantly improve the attractiveness of the shoe. And, since Orthofeet’s shoes come in a variety of colors, you can enhance your style by matching your shoes to your wardrobe.

You can see the difference between Orthofeet’s stylish orthopedic shoe design and a standard orthopedic shoe in the image below:

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes Standard Brand Orthopedic Shoe

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoesOrthofeet Orthopedic Shoe

Another feature that makes orthopedic shoes unfashionable is the closure system. People with arthritis, Parkinson’s disease and other disabilities usually experience difficulty tying their shoes. The most common solution to this difficulty is a strap (Velcro) closure, but for many shoes the strap closure adds to the shoe’s bulky and unattractive appearance.

To overcome this issue Orthofeet developed the Tie-Less Lacing System, an innovative design that combines laces and straps on both sides of the shoe, making it possible to fasten lace-up shoes without actually needing to tie them.

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoes

In the image below, you can see the difference between an Orthofeet stylish orthopedic sneaker and a standard orthopedic sneaker with a strap closure:

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoesStandard Brand Orthopedic Shoe

The Secret to Stylish orthopedic shoesOrthofeet Orthopedic Shoe

The Proof is in the Footing – here’s what Orthofeet customers are saying:

“Love my new shoes which are soft comfortable and fit my custom orthotics. Plenty of room for hammer toes. They are stylish. They were delivered within a few days. Very grateful.

I have now purchased 3 pair of shoes. They are reasonably priced, look great and feel great.
–William Bacon

Beautiful pair of shoes – True to size. … Great arch support also. I am in my fourth day wearing these shoes morning till night (without the brace) – What can I say — Wow! Just wish I had gotten them sooner.

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The Orthofeet Advantage

Orthofeet offers a wide selection of fashionable footwear infused with true comfort and pain relief technology! Our casual and dress shoe collections are engineered with innovative biomechanical features, luxurious leathers, and on-trend heels designed with cushioned, shock-absorbing soles so you never have to sacrifice comfort. So the next time you’re searching for a stylish orthopedic shoe brand, check out our selection of Orthofeet Stylish Orthopedic shoes. We’re confident you’ll find something you like, and that you’ll be thrilled with how they can improve your level of comfort and mobility.

Of course, if you need help, feel free to email us at or just give us a call at +1-800-524-2845. We’ll be happy to assist you.

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