It’s good to have an idea what type of products a footwear company produces so you can select the right one for your feet. Otherwise, you are really randomly selecting products and your results with them could be hit or miss.


Interestingly, some people can get away with selecting insoles or orthotics without a lot of investigation; but if you’re anything like me, you know that it’s too easy to have doubt later about a product that was purchased if you didn’t investigate it before, or investigate what exactly your foot needed before you bought it.

For example, the Sof Sole line of products has a complete line of arch supports:

The Sof Sole Line of Products
Sof Sole

• ¾ Orthotic insoles

• Airr Orthotic insoles

• FIT – Low Arch insoles

• FIT – Neutral Arch insoles

• FIT – High Arch insoles

• Arch Performance Insoles

• Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Insoles


The differences between the Sof Sole products determines whether or not they are the ultimate choice for your feet. Do you know what type of arch you have in your feet? If you have not checked your arch type in a while, it’s a good time to check today.


If you do have low arches or flat feet, it’s possible that the pain and foot fatigue you feel is due to more than just the flat feet. You could also have plantar fasciitis. This is a condition where the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet are so fatigued and overstressed that they all hurt. This type of foot pain and fatigue occurs as soon as you get out of bed and especially worsens when you are standing all day on the job or walking long distances.


Plantar fasciitis is diagnosed by a podiatrist, the health professional expert that should be consulted for foot problems. Regular medical doctors don’t have the in-depth knowledge about the feet that a podiatrist has. Regular medical doctors may diagnose you with plantar fasciitis but they will not really have a good plan of action for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. (The podiatrists study nothing but the foot for hundreds of hours, and still are knowledgeable about disease conditions that can be related to the foot, such as neurological disorders and diabetes.)


The Sof Sole line of products also has a complete line of cushioned insoles:

• Arch Performance Insoles

• Airr Cups

• Airr Performance Insoles

• Athletic Insoles

• Memory Comfort Insoles

• Thin Fit Perfect Insoles


Cushioning can be provided in insoles by a company by different types of foam or gel. The above-mentioned Sof insoles are not the gel ones. (The gel ones will be mentioned next.) When foam is used in Sof Sole insoles, it may be heat moldable to your foot. Most gel orthotics or insoles don’t mold to your feet as well as the foam does. Specifically, there’s a type of EVA foam that is used to make insoles heat moldable.


The Sof Sole line of products also has gel insoles:

• Ball of Feet Pads

• ¾ Gel Arch Insoles

• Gel Heel Cups

• Airr Cups

• Massaging Gel Insoles

• Gel Heel Pads


Gel pads come in handy for cushioning every step you take and softening the impact of stepping on any sore areas of the foot.


Check out the Sof Sole Company’s products and see if this company’s mission is aligned with your needs. Here’s the link:

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