The Steps Leading Up To The Orthofeet Revolution

The Steps Leading Up To The Orthofeet RevolutionOrthofeet co-founder Ron Bar, Ph.D., has a personal stake in his innovative product. In 1973, during Israel’s Yom Kippur War, a bomb was hurled at his tank, causing him to lose his leg. He eventually earned a doctorate in biomedical engineering and began designing insoles foot orthotics and footwear that would make more sense to his condition and others with mobility issues. 

While searching for solutions of foot orthotics for wounded soldiers, Ron found that the traditional method of taking a cast of a patient’s foot seemed cumbersome, and often, inaccurate. He created a method that would allow the orthotic to mold directly to the shape of the foot, using expandable polyurethane foam that is activated by water. This patented orthotic allows for a more accurate and dynamic shaping to the contours of the foot, enhancing fit and comfort.

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Ron, along with his brother, Mike, who holds a master’s degree in engineering, co-partnered in the Orthofeet venture. Their first product was the Orthofeet 2000 system, a revolutionary system, which allowed foot care practitioners to instantly mold orthotics right in the office with more precision.

In 2000, using its expertise in foot biomechanics and orthotics design, Orthofeet started a line of comfort orthopedic shoes, which combine attractive styling with innovative comfort features. 

Ron’s war tragedy led to a successful business that improves the lives of millions of customers worldwide. As well, part of the shoes’ success is due to some unfortunate statistics: the rise of diabetes and the aging of Baby Boomers. However, we’ll leave you with one statistic that increases hope: The Centers for Disease Control says preventative foot care and wearing therapeutic footwear – such as Orthofeet products – are leading factors in the astounding 65% reduction in diabetes-related amputations over the last decade.

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