Three Types of Shoe Inserts to Maximize Foot Comfort

Are you experiencing foot pain, foot fatigue, and/or foot discomfort? We have the answer! It’s shoe inserts!

Shoe inserts are affordable and easy to use; they may be added to current shoes or they may replace Your Sole Insoles you already have in your shoes. But, what type of shoe inserts do you need? Well, that depends on your foot’s needs.

These days, orthotics offer maximum comfort and more foot pain relief than ever. Many of the current shoe inserts on the market meet the high standards of the American Podiatric Medical Association because they support the medial arch, metatarsal arch, and the heel as well. So it is best to start with a complete full-length pair of shoe inserts or ¾ length and see if you need any additional support after that. If you find that you do, try adding a heel insert or  ball of foot cushion.

 – If you find that only your heel is troubling you, you should try adding a  heel insert that cups, cushions and protects your heel.

 – If  you find it’s your arches that hurt more often than not, you’ll need more arch support of the foot for complete relief.

 – If it’s the ball of your foot that gives you the most grief, you can add a ball of foot cushion to your shoes.

In case you need a little help getting started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top shoe inserts that we have a available:

Orthaheel Gel Heel Orthotic Inserts $24.95 The Orthaheel Gel Heel Orthotic Inserts are ideal for targeting heel pain for cushioned heel and arch support. These inserts will assist in providing heel pain relief from Achilles Tendonitis, cracked and bruised heels, heel spurs, Plantar Fasciitis, and more. They are also ideal for athletic, casual, and dress shoes.

Powerstep Comfort Last Cushioning Insoles $26.95 The Powerstep ComfortLast Cushioning Insoles in Full Length is Powerstep’s first cushion insole with superior shock absorption and support throughout, from heel to arch, to toe. These insoles can be worn in casual and dress shoes, and boots, for everyday life and athletics, such as walking and jogging.

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus Orthotic Insoles w/Met. $34.16 This insole is perfect for cushioning and providing a contoured stabilizing cradle for the heel area to relieve ball of foot pain. These insoles can also work in any shoes from casual to dress.

Sof Sole Gel Comfort Insole $14.49 Designed to offer high-performance cushioning and comfort for all shoe types and all activities. The Sof Sole Gel Arch offers customized support and comfort with a deep heel cup and arch support in 3/4 length.

Sof Sole Arch Performance Insoles $17.99 The Arch Performance Insoles are ideal for someone who needs cushioning, but also wants a little extra feeling of stability around the heel and arch. It is primarily a cushioning insole but gives an increased feeling of anatomical correctness and stability.

You won’t believe the amount of relief shoe inserts can provide. Get started today!

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