Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty Feet

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Sweaty feet can make our shoes uncomfortable and make them start to smell. It's quite common, but excessive sweating could be a sign of an underlying conditions or hyperhidrosis. If you do have sweaty feet, you should try tackle them as soon as possible before foot odour, athletes foot and foot fungus become a problem.

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty Feet
Sweaty feet can cause foot odour and a range of health conditions

A variety of different things can cause sweaty feet, including wearing the wrong socks, the wrong shoes, hyperhidrosis and a build-up of fungus. Preventing sweaty feet is easy too, and there are a wide range of shoe insoles out there that are designed to tackle sweaty feet. This blog describes Our Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty Feet, giving you plenty of options to beat sweaty feet.

Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty FeetOur first option is the Zederna Original Natural Cedarsoles, which are designed using 100% cedarwood and cotton. Zederna have been designed with sweaty feet in mind, with their makers understanding that sweaty feet causes a shoe environment that is heavy in moisture. The Zederna Insoles therefore use 100% cedarwood and cotton, designed to absorb moisture which prevents odour from spreading.

All of this is 100% natural. Their lightweight and flexible nature is easy on your feet, while they work to manage your shoes micro-climate keeping your shoes dry and fresh. The end result is fresh feet, which are fungus and bacteria free.

Key Features: 100% natural cedarwood and cotton that absorbs sweat and odour; manages your shoes micro-climate to keep feet dry and cool; lightweight and flexible design is easy to wear.

Pedag Viva Insoles

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty FeetOur Pedag Viva Insoles use an active carbon filter that is designed to reduce odour by filtering bad smells and odour. These shoes are particularly well suited for general use throughout the day, as they are built to tackle a wide range of other foot conditions as well as treating odour. By absorbing moisture, the Viva Insoles can prevent your shoes from beginning to smell.

This also reduces the chances of your feet starting to sweat more, as the lack of odour prevents your feet from overheating. For anyone who expects to spend a lot of time on their feet, then these are the shoes for you.

Key Features: Active carbon filter reduces odour; lack of odour means that you feet don't overheat; suitable for treating a wide range of foot conditions.

Superfeet Blue Active Insoles

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty FeetSweaty feet have the impact of not just making your feet hot and smelly, but making your shoes uncomfortable too. The Superfeet Blue Active Insoles have been designed to tackle both discomfort and sweaty feet, with a biomechanical shape, heel cup and antimicrobial coating all working together. The end result is fresh feet and a high level of comfort.

Superfeet Blue are perfect for anyone who wants to freshen their feet. Due to their versatility, they are well suited for people who range from workers and sportspeople, to shoppers and people at home. The agION antimicrobial finish ensures that your feet will continue to remain fresh and clean wear after wear.

Key Features: AgION antimicrobial finish keeps feet fresh and clean; biomechanical shape enhances comfort during use; versatility well suited for wide range of people and uses.

TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty FeetThe socks in our range that we would recommend are the TOETOE Cotton Toe Separator Socks, that separate the toes to reduce friction and warmth while you are out and about. As friction has been eliminated, foot odour has been eliminated too, helping to reduce any smell and infection from developing.

The benefits of these socks don't stop there either; they reduce the friction that causes blisters, increases comfort and improves balance by encouraging the brain to work with your toes more effectively. Their comfortable design prevents any of the existing problems that regular socks can cause.

Key Features: Comfortable toe separation socks that reduce friction and odour; help to keep your feet cool and comfortable; reduces the chances of blisters, fungus and bad balance.

Anti-Odour Copper Insoles

Top 6 Insoles for Sweaty FeetFinally, we have our Anti-Odour Copper Insoles which are designed using 100% pure natural copper. This makes them super soft, breathable and moisture wicking, ensuring comfort throughout the day. This moisture wicking design helps to prevent your feet from sweating, which in turn can reduce any inflammation that may have occurred because of previous injuries.

The copper in these insoles is scientifically proven to rupture and penetrate the harmful and odour producing pathogenic microbes that are contained in sweat. Once the copper ions are inside, they will start to attack the microbe's DNA, killing them and preventing them from spreading. This ensures that any harmful effects of sweaty feet are prevented, keeping you clean and fresh.

Key Features: Pure natural copper prevents odour and fungus from spreading; chemical-free design is comfortable and healthy on your feet; cut-to-size design fits all users.

Beat Sweaty Feet Now

Beating sweaty feet is easy, as all it takes is using the right insoles, creams or socks and you'll find that the odour has gone. If you do have sweaty feet and haven't found what you are looking for here, try viewing our Insoles for Sweaty Feet category, where we have the rest of our range.

Do you have a question, or something to add? Why not let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter and Facebook!

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