The first thing to consider when choosing running orthotics for overpronation is that some companies may not specifically list in their description that an insole or Orthotic is going to reduce overpronation. (Overpronation is what happens when the foot rolls inward during the time your take a step and place your full body weight on the ground.


A foot’s medial longitudinal arch that collapses during walking is one of the root causes of overpronation. When the arch can’t withstand the pressures of the body weight and gravity acting upon them, the entire midfoot section widens and the foot rolls inward. This stresses out the muscles and tendons of the bottom of foot and may also put tears in the plantar fascia.


Thus, excellent arch support that is accompanied by a deep heel cup that keeps the foot aligned can definitely prevent overpronation during walking and running.


Here are 3 Orthotics that runners can use to prevent overpronation:


1. Spenco Total Support Original Insoles


These running orthotics for overpronation have built-in arch support and heel cradle for foot stability, while they offer a 3-POD cushioning insole system to absorb shock. They also have a forefoot crash pad to provide extra cushioning under the ball of foot for smooth transition to toe-off with a reverse motions extension that creates a toe-off for greater propulsion.



2. Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


This full-length, rigid orthotic arch support insole is for neutral to high arch types. They feature a deep heel cup, stabilizer cap, high-density foam, and a biomechanical shape for maximum support and shock absorption.

These are preferred for those with flat feet or medium arched feet.


3. Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles


The Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Insoles feature a strong, medical-grade semi-rigid orthotic arch support. They have a double layer of shock-absorbing EVA/VCT (variable cushioning technology) foam cushioning for enhanced comfort. The top of Your Sole Insole is covered with a friction-reducing, anti-microbial fabric.

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