Topography of spinal column and kidney receptors as illustrated by microsystem of the foot

Objective: To test the accuracy of the distribution of reflective zones on the feet as proposed by William Fitzgerald using the spine and kidney receptors as reference points.

Methods: Spine and feet lengths were measured first along straight lines and then again, taking into consideration the anatomical curves. The spinal column was further measured with regard to its individual regions (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacrum-coccyx). Straight-line measurements were taken with the help of an anthropometer. Measurements that took into account all of the curves were performed with the opisometer (also known as a “map measurer”). All the measurements were accurate to within 1 mm. The study subjects were a healthy, physically fit 16-year-old female student and a 53-year-old male office employee exposed to an average dose of physical exercise.

Results: The kidney receptor in the foot did not reflect onto the predetermined lumbar section of the spinal column as measured along the straight line or with regard to curves. Instead, in both subjects the kidney receptor reflected onto the thoracic spine.

Conclusion: Te particular level of the spinal cord that innervates the given organ controls the distribution of receptors of individual organs in the foot.

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