U is for UCBL

U is for UCBLU is for UCBLU is for UCBL

U is for UCBL

It’s called UCBL because this style of custom orthotic was designed in 1967 at University of California Biomechanics Lab, or sometimes referred to as the University of California Berkeley Labs.

This rigid, plastic arch support is designed to correct the position of the foot. It’s most often used to treat flexible flat foot.  

The orthotic is different than most in that it fully encompasses the heel with a molded heel cup that holds the foot in a neutral, vertical position.  It also controls the medial and lateral arches to keep the foot in the neutral position. It works well in a sneaker or other comfortable walking shoe and is not recommended for dress shoes.

SOLO offers a modified UCBL that offers both medial and lateral flanges for support, but with a more shallow heel cup. This serves as a less restrictive option to traditional UCBL.    

Confused about UCBLs?  We’re here to walk you through the right solution for your patients. Contact our customer service team today at cs@sololabs.com.





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