What are Bunions?

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Bunions, also known as Hallux Valgus, are the bony lumps that can form as part of a deformity of the toe joint. Bunions are usually easy to notice as they will force your big toe into an unfamiliar angle as if pointing towards your second toe toe, eventually becoming harder to ignore as they form a mass on the side of your foot.

Testing for Bunions may involve an alarming amount of blood tests and x-rays at your local hospital, but rest assured this will only be check the extent of the condition and to identify if it is a result of another underlying cause such as Arthritis. Provided this is not the case, this is a very manageable foot condition, and with as many as half of the adults in the UK thought to have foot Bunions, there are many treatments available to help you carry on with daily life.

Causes of Bunions

A lady’s love of her high heels means that Bunions are more common in women than in men, though don’t think men aren’t equally as likely to develop them if they also wear unsuitable shoes. As mentioned above, pre-existing conditions such as Arthritis or Gout can also be responsible and they tend to run in families. Notably, people with extra-flexible joints are also considered to be more subject to Bunions, meaning children are just as able to develop the condition.

What are Bunions?

Beating Bunions

Symptoms of Bunions are usually not debilitating and involve swelling, mild pain, and a shiny, inflamed area around the joint. An ice pack applied to the affected area can also provide Bunion relief as can painkillers. Mostly, though you’ll probably suffer from the general inconvenience of having a lump on your foot.

Unfortunately complete Bunion cures don’t exist outside of the operating theatre and, while this procedure is usually effective, it can have its complications, including worsening of the initial symptoms and a need for further surgery. Therefore the best way to beat Bunions is usually a non-surgical treatment and an early stage attempt to prevent them from worsening.

Bunion Busters

Insoles are a great way of keeping your foot comfortable while you live with and prevent the worsening of bunions without surgery.

Full Length Insoles are ideal for those wanting the support the whole of the foot, as Bunions may change the way you bear weight and insoles can help correct any poor distribution of weight and pressure on your foot. As well as protecting Bunions, they also keep a range of other conditions at bay to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Metatarsal Domes and Cushions are circular domes worn under the ball of the foot to lessen the pressure on problem areas. These can be especially effective for Bunions as they draw strain away from the area where Bunions arise, stopping unwanted pressure and friction from worsening the condition.

Bunion Protectors and Correctors do exactly what they say on the tin, and are soft covers for the bunion area allowing your foot to sit comfortably in your shoe without having the Bunion rub against the shoe leading to irritation. Often lined with gel, these Bunion protectors can be a perfect way of providing in-shoe relief to sore feet.

Splints will help hold toes in place which is perfectly suited to the misalignment Bunions can cause to the big toe. Soft and washable, splints are able to be used alone or in conjunction with a cushioning shoe insole.

Please visit the Shoe Insoles website for a full range of Insoles for Bunions.

What are Bunions?

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What are Bunions?

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What are Bunions?

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