What are Calluses?

Monday, 13 July 2015  |  John

A callus is a rough, thick patch of skin, usually found on your hands or the soles of your feet. This is a protective skin your body forms to defend areas that are commonly rubbed against. This rubbing can be the skin against a surface or against a bone inside your foot and while calluses are not  a life threatening issue, they can be uncomfortable and annoying.

If you are suffering from conditions such as diabetes that can affect your feet, a callus can be a more serious issue and greater care should be taken in order to guard yourself against their development.

What are the Symptoms of Calluses?

A callus is usually yellow in colour, and is rough and thick to the touch. As it is a thickening of the skin, the callused area is usually less sensitive than ordinary skin. The skin can also be flaky, dry or waxy and in some rare occasions the affected areas can even bleed. Callused skin is often found on the heel, although there’s no defined size or position for a callous, so it could be anywhere on your foot and any size.

Calluses and corns are often confused however calluses are less likely to form on toes and are usually painless, whereas corns are most commonly seen on toes and are often painful when pressed.

What are Calluses?

What are the Causes of Calluses?

Calluses are caused by repeated friction and pressure on the soles of your feet. This is most often from shoes and socks. However, in some cases there can be no obvious cause of pressure or friction. In these cases the callous can come from a wart or from a splinter caught under the skin

In elderly people, a callus can occur because of a lack of fatty tissue on the ball of their foot (known as atrophy of the fat pad). This causes increased friction and pressure on the skin that can in-turn cause a callus to form. A callus can also be a sign of a bone deformity such as a bunion.

How Can Shoe Insoles Help with Calluses?

One of the ways a shoe insole can help with calluses is to deal with any underlying causes. For example, if the callus is a result of pressure from the bone, an additional padding underneath the balls of your feet can help reduce the pressure. 

Similarly, if your calluses are a result of your shoes rubbing against your feet, a shoe insole can give your feet more grip in the shoe to stop your feet rubbing. A soft insole can also make painful calluses easier to deal with by reducing the pressure on it. If calluses are forming on your toes, a toe separator can get rid of the friction causing it.

If you are interested in getting a shoe insole to help with calluses, feel free to visit Shoe Insoles and check out our range of Shoe Insoles for Calluses.

What are Calluses?

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What are Calluses?

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What are Calluses?

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