What are Hammer Toes?

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Hammer Toes is the name given to a foot condition that causes the toes (usually the second, third and forth) to bend inwards towards the ball of the foot, Hammer Toe differs, though only slightly, from Mallet Toe or Claw Toe due to the joints it affects, Hammer Toe will present in the middle toe joint. Hammer Toes are frequently the result of Arthritis, previous foot injury or a habit of wearing poorly-fitting shoes. Because Hammer Toes lead to the shape and functionality of the foot changing, sufferers will often find themselves walking differently and unevenly, heightening the risk of Metatarsalgia and Plantar Fasciitis.

How Hammer Toes Shows

The symptoms of Hammer Toes include pain in the toe, especially in the joint, that can become worse when putting on shoes. Corns on the toe joint can also suggest this condition, while swelling and inflammation are common. Difficulty in moving the toe and toes that are excessively rigid are also a sure sign of Hammer Toes.

Nailing Treatment For Hammer Toes

The old adage says that "prevention is better than the cure" and in the case of hammer toes this is 100% true. Hammer Toes cannot be left to heal on their own and will always require some sort of medical intervention, the quicker you get your toes to the correct health care professional, the quicker the issue can be addressed and corrected.  

The seriousness of your Hammer Toes depends on their ability to bend and flex. Toes which can still move at the joint are less serious and can usually benefit from non-surgical treatment. If your toe can no longer move and is rigid at the joint then surgery will most likely be needed to treat the site.

Changing your foot care routine once Hammer Toes have become apparent is key to stopping the condition from growing any worse.

What are Hammer Toes?

Treats For Your Toes

Suitable footwear is essential for the comfortable management of Hammer Toes. Pointed shoes, shoes with a shorter toe box and high heels or shoes that force the foot forward are best avoided, and padding for the corns or calluses that tend to develop around Hammer Toes are also recommended to bring extra relief to your feet.

Wearing appropriate shoes for any activity is sage advice for preventing any type of foot condition, sports should be undertaken while wearing sports shoes that provide ample support and stability. Ice and massage are also ideal to help relieve the pain and swelling of any affected toes, especially after sports and high-impact activities.

Hammering Foot Health Home

Hammer Toes can be caused by a long-term mistreatment of the foot and sufferers should aim to change their poor foot habits by using a suitable insole, helping to relieve the pain of strain of living with this condition.

Full Length Insoles can take care of your feet from heel to toe. Perfect for cushioning and supporting Hammer Toes, they can also address any other condition that may present along your foot while giving you the extra stability to prevent leg, knee or back pain.

Toe Cups and Pads offer perfectly placed comfort for sore toes. Soft and flexible, cups and pads stop toes from rubbing uncomfortably together, preventing calluses, blisters and corns from developing or worsening.

Splints provide a more precise treatment for Hammer Toes, correcting aligning each individual toe and keeping them in position, they are perfect for people who want to relieve toes which rub together or bend uncomfortably. Able to target a single toe or cushion several, pads and cushions are usually made of durable gel which is naturally soothing and highly cushioning for sore feet and toes.

Great Insoles for Poorly Toes

All our insoles are high-performing and highly durable, and whichever style you pick, you will be able to enjoy in-shoe support and comfort from Hammer Toes.

Visit Shoe Insoles for a full range of Insoles for Hammer Toes.

What are Hammer Toes?

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What are Hammer Toes?

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What are Hammer Toes?

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