You work long hours, your shoes are long past their expiration date, and your feet, back, and other joints are in pain. It is definitely time to invest your money in some well-made insoles or shoes that can support your body all day.. Here we will figure out just what exactly are the best shoes for standing all day at work. 

What Are the Best Shoes for Standing All Day At Work?
best shoes for standing all day


Before purchasing a new pair of shoes, take a look at your current shoes to determine what it is that’s bothering you. Are the bottom of your shoes worn? Did they wear down more on one side than the other? Is it really just Your Sole Insole that’s worn? Do your feet feel tired as soon as you slip into them? These are signs you need a new pair of shoes for standing all day long. However, the insoles in your shoes are actually the most important element of a comfortable, supportive shoe. The standard insoles in shoes are usually the cheapest part of the shoe and could rarely support even the most ‘perfect’ foot.


Here’s a list of four of the top insoles for those best shoes for standing all day that you will be purchasing:


1. Spenco® Gel Total Support Insoles

These Total Support Insoles created by Spenco use a gel cushion. There’s also a 3-POD™ cushioning system in them that supports the medial arch and metatarsal arch of your foot as well as your heel. Tested by the American Podiatric Medical Association, this one passed with flying colors and relieves pressure on the ball of the foot as well as foot fatigue.

2. Superfeet Copper DMP Premium Insoles

Superfeet really hit the nail on the head with these Copper insoles. The Superfeet 3-layer foam in Your Sole Insoles are there for a reason besides total foot support – they allow your foot to custom mold to the copper insoles. They also help reduce foot odor as well. (By the way, they’re copper colored, not made out of copper.)

What Are the Best Shoes for Standing All Day At Work?
copper insoles


3. Spenco Polysorb Heavy Duty Insoles

If you’re beating up your foot all day at work, these premium insoles are really the best insoles for your shoes when standing all day. The heavy duty insoles are sought out by many in occupations where they’re on their feet at manufacturing plants or salesman on the sales floor more than 8 hours a day. These heavy duty insoles replace the current insoles in your shoes. There’s a 5/32 inch layer of shock-absorbing material with an extra pad in the forefoot. Of course, you get heel and arch support. And these heavy duty insoles have an added feature – there’s an anti-slip fabric added to them that reduces blisters and prevents tripping.


4. ProThotics Semi-Flex Full Length Insoles

It’s possible that you feel that your best shoes for standing all day are athletic shoes. If so, the ProThotics insoles are thin enough to add to your athletic shoes yet durable, shock absorbent, and contoured to support your arches and healed. You’ll love these ProThotics insoles.


Heavy duty insoles, Spenco insoles, ProThotics insoles, and copper insoles are just a few types of insoles available for comfort when it comes to standing all day long. You can find out more at

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